Thursday, 27/Sep/2018


Location: Lobby

KN3: Keynote • Peter Bath
Location: Aurora
Chair: Joumana Boustany

Information Behaviour in Online Health Forums: The Importance of Trust and Empathy in Sharing Information, Experiences and Emotions

Peter Bath


Location: Puisto, Lobby & 2nd floor lobby

P25: IL in Different Contexts of Everyday Life
Location: Aurora
Chair: Mojca Brenko-Puzak

Researching Information in Everyday Life: The Contribution of Autoethnography and Information Grounds Theory

Bill Johnston, Sheila Webber

Advocacy in Everyday Life: The Role of Information Literacy Skills

Peggy Nzomo, Paul Fehrmann

Setting the Scene: An Set of Initial Premises for Everyday Information Literacy

Alison Hicks

P27: IL and Libraries
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Ágústa Pálsdóttir

Information Literacy in Portuguese School Libraries: a longitudinal study of master degree dissertations

Ana Novo, Glória Bastos

Information Literacy as a Material Culture? Ordinary Practices of Knowledge in Academic Libraries

Béatrice Micheau

Copyright Literacy Skills of LIS Students in Norway

Almuth Gastinger, Ane Landøy

P28: IL Research and IL in Theoretical Context
Location: Nukuttaja-Näyhä
Chair: Terttu Kortelainen

Research Orientation and Collaboration in Information Literacy in Post-socialist European Countries

Andrea Grkinić, Sonja Špiranec, Maja Jokić

Impact of Purposefully Designed Learning Activities in the Case of Information Literacy Self-Efficacy

Ann De Meulemeester, Renaat Peleman, Heidi Buysse

An Exploration of Information Literacy as a Form of Deweyan Inquiry

Brendan Devlin

A Phenomenological Imperative for Information Literacy

John M. Budd, Anna Suorsa

DF02: Doctoral Forum – Speakers Peter Bath & Emma Coonan
Location: Linna
Chair: Noora Hirvonen
Chair: Heidi Päivyt Karoliina Enwald

Location: Restaurant Virta & Yrjö hall

P26: IL in Different Contexts of Everyday Life
Location: Aurora
Chair: Yurdagül Ünal

The Health of a Musician: Identifying Musicians’ Unrecognized Health Information Needs

Loriene Roy, Yan Zhang

The Data and Information Literacy of Runners: Quantifying Diet and Activity

Pamela McKinney, Andrew Cox, Laura Sbaffi

Personal Information Management and Organisation Competences: A Review of Information Literacy Conceptual Frameworks and Standards

Jerry Jacques

Privacy Literacy and the Everyday Use of Social Technologies

Zablon Pingo, Bhuva Narayan

BP10: IL, Libraries, the Public Sphere
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Zachary Newell

An Educational Program on Research Competence Offered by a Faculty Library

Anne-Lise Van der Meulen, Paul Buschmann

Copyright Law and Copyright Literacy in Germany

Fabian Franke

The Delphi Model: Transforming Flemish Libraries into User-oriented Points of Information

Patrick Vanden Berghe

Playing for Knowledge

Anna Callejón Mateu

P29: IL Research
Location: Nukuttaja-Näyhä
Chair: Sheila Webber

Information Literacy Self-Efficacy of Medical Students: A Longitudinal Study

Ann De Meulemeester, Jan De Maeseneer, Sven De Maeyer, Renaat Peleman, Heidi Buysse

Information Literacy of University Freshmen, and Differences in ICT Use, Internet Confidence, and Motivation

Danica Dolničar, Bojana Boh Podgornik

DF03: Doctoral Forum – Small groups
Location: Linna
Chair: Noora Hirvonen
Chair: Heidi Päivyt Karoliina Enwald
Chair: Anna Suorsa

CS: Closing Ceremony
Location: Aurora