Monday, 24/Sep/2018


Registration + Coffee (Aurora)
Location: Lobby

Location: Aurora

KN1: Keynote • Frans Mäyrä
Location: Aurora
Chair: Maija-Leena Huotari

Reading Pervasive Games in a Ludic Society

Frans Mäyrä


P01: IL in Different Contexts of Everyday Life
Location: Aurora
Chair: Noora Hirvonen

Developing Food and Nutrition Literacy with the Croatian Facebook Group, „Homemade Food for Babies“

Drahomira Cupar, Mate Juric

The Everyday Information Experiences of Breastfeeding Mothers: A Literature Review

Hayley Lockerbie, Konstantina Martzoukou

Exploring the Information World of Non-Resident Informal Carers

Sheila Webber, Pamela McKinney

Scientific Literacy Education Outside the Classroom: A Study in Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills about Science in Public Libraries in Croatia

Radovan Vrana

P04: Information Seeking and Information Behaviour
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Heidi Päivyt Karoliina Enwald

Serendipity in High School Students’ Information Acquisition

Jannica Heinström, Eero Sormunen, Teemu Mikkonen

Information Seeking Behavior of Primary Teachers in Estonia: An Exploratory Study

Sirje Virkus, Marit Mathiesen

Teacher’s Resistances to Mobile Learning in Turkey and Spain: What Similarities? What Differences?

Tugba Mutlu, Cristina Aliagas

P07: IL in the Workplace & IL and Employability
Location: Nukuttaja-Näyhä
Chair: Anna Suorsa

Impact of Intrinsic Motivators on Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Environments: Implications for Workplace Information Literacy and Collaborative Practices

Rajesh Singh

Disciplinary Contexts in Research Data Management: A Case-Study of Three Disciplines

Maryam Bugaje, Gobinda Chowdhury

Investigating Knowledge Management Practices at OpenStack

José Apolinário Teixeira, Helena Karsten, Gunilla Widén

Information Literacy in Multilingual Workplaces

Farhan Ahmad

P08: IL and Related Concepts
Location: Rossi
Chair: Fabian Franke

Changing Roles for Research and Information Skills Development: Librarians as Teachers, Researchers as Learners

Tatiana Sanches

Information Overload: A Comparison of Disciplines in Australia

Katherine Howard, James Nicholson

Conceptions of Information Literacy and Multiliteracies from the Perspectives of Teachers and Librarians in the Context of the Finnish National Core Curriculum

Anu Ojaranta, Siinamari Tikkinen, Riitta-Liisa Korkeamäki

Data Sharing in Social Sciences: A Case Study at Charles University

Adela Jarolimkova, Barbora Drobikova

BP01: IL in Different Contexts of Everyday Life
Location: Linna
Chair: John Crawford

Using Authentic Passions to Inspire Curiosity

Daniel Ireton, Ellen Urton

Best Practices: Librarians, Journalists, and Allied Professionals Working to Challenge Fake News

Laura Saunders, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe


Location: Restaurant Virta & Yrjö hall

P02: IL in Different Contexts of Everyday Life
Location: Aurora
Chair: Heidi Päivyt Karoliina Enwald

Measuring the Psychophysiology of Information Literacy

Geoff Walton, Andy Wilkinson, Martin Turner, Matt Pointon, Jamie Barker

Genealogy and Learning: Acquiring Information and Digital Literacy Skills through a Hobby

Crystal Fulton

Biometric Tools in Information Science. The Example of an Information Literacy Study – A Holiday Planning Experiment

Justyna Jasiewicz, Małgorzata Kisilowska, Anna Jupowicz-Ginalska

An Invitation to Globalize the Information Literacy Agenda: Expanding Discourse

Sergio Chaparro, Zachary Newell

P05: Information Seeking and Information Behaviour
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Jannica Heinström

Using Open Badges to Foster Information Literacy: An Action Research Approach

Sirje Virkus

Biographical Space, Digital Death and Information Literacy Skills: Current Issues

Paula Ochôa, Leonor Gaspar Pinto

Epistemic vs Non-epistemic Criteria to Assess Wikipedia Articles: Evolution of Young People’s Perceptions

Sahut Gilles, Josiane Mothe

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Location: Nukuttaja-Näyhä
P09: IL and Related Concepts
Location: Rossi
Chair: Tatiana Sanches

Research Data Management in France: Are French Researchers Ready to Face this Issue?

Joumana Boustany

Research Data Management Findings at ULSIT

Tania Todorova, Rositza Krasteva, Elisaveta Tsvetkova

BP02: IL and Related Concepts
Location: Linna
Chair: Mate Juric

Use of Open (Research) Data in Teaching (UDIT): An Open Online Resource

Helene N. Andreassen, Torstein Låg, Harrie van der Meer, Mijke Jetten, Monique Schoutsen

Maximizing the Learning Value of e-Textbooks: Practice Recommendations Based on a Quasi-Experiment

Teresa MacGregor, A. M. Salaz

Heffalumps and Woozles: Facing the Copyright Elephant in the Room

Marion Kelt

On Campus and Beyond: A Multipronged Approach to Information Literacy

Priyanka Sharma

Going Local: Designing a Homegrown Information Literacy Test for Your Own Institutional Context

Susan Gardner Archambault


Location: Puisto, Lobby & 2nd floor lobby

P03: IL in Different Contexts of Everyday Life
Location: Aurora
Chair: Maija-Leena Huotari

Students on a Social Media ‘Detox’: Disrupting the Everyday Practices of Social Media Use

Krista Lepik, Maria Murumaa-Mengel

How to Measure Energy Information Literacy? An Explorative Study

Teija Keränen, Noora Hirvonen, Anna-Maija Huhta, Maija-Leena Huotari

P06: IL Across Disciplines
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Eero Sormunen

Print or Electronic Course Readings: Implications for Library Space and Information Literacy Programmes

Almuth Gastinger, Ane Landøy

Do We Need (Digital) Archeology Literacy?

Mihaela Banek Zorica, Rajna Sosic Klindzic, Sanja Potkonjak

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Location: Nukuttaja-Näyhä
P10: IL in the Workplace
Location: Rossi
Chair: Päivi Helminen

Information Culture at the Statistics Estonia: An Exploratory Study

Sirje Virkus, Olga Albrecht

Data Literacy and Research Data Management Practices of Academics and Research Students in Australian Universities

P. Thomas Lacey, Katherine Howard

BP03: IL in the Workplace
Location: Linna
Chair: Pavla Kovarova

School-Work Alternation: Work the Information to Turn it into Knowledge

Elena Collina, Rita Patregnani

Upsizing and Upskilling Library Student Assistants: Experiences from SMU Libraries

Sumita Govindan, Siew Khim Lim, Vincent Ong

Reflective Practice as a Pathway towards Information Literacy for Future English Teachers

Karin Lach


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